Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay online?

Please send me a message through the contact form on this website and let me know what you’d like to buy.  I will send you an invoice to your email using PayPal. You are also welcome to send me a check.

Do you make custom banners?

Yes! However, there is a 25% upcharge for all custom orders. Some examples of custom work are:

  • Welcome signs for your front hallway
  • Wedding celebration banners
  • Open/Closed signs for your store or business
  • A painting of your home from a picture
  • Your business name for an outdoor farmer’s market or fair

Is it safe to put my banner outdoors?

Yes, the banners are made out of duck cloth which is an outdoor canvas material and with acrylic paint this combination makes for pretty durable and resilient artwork!  If you do leave the piece outside for years it will eventually fade. I have a 5′ x 5′ piece attached to the side of our house with push pins and that works just fine year after year.

How do I care for my banner?

If the canvas gets wrinkled spray water on the unpainted side and iron (cotton setting ) until smooth. It won’t take long for the fabric to flatten out. Let the banner rest on the flat surface before hanging it up again.


Where are Mary's Events in 2019?


Dorothy Alling Memorial Library art show Jan. 1- 31

Banner painting class FREE, at the same library 1-16-19 6-8pm

Is Mary available to teach workshops?

Yes, Mary has run workshops for towns, companies, family events, and schools. She has joined in for Wellness Events, family reunions, community banner activities. Please send a message through the website contact form, make sure to include dates so Mary can get back to you with her availability.