I know, I know, we’ve tried it all before….creating new work…

But, let’s “begin again”. It’s the beginner’s mind. Ya gotta have it. Ya gotta trust it. Breathe in, AND….exhale. And again. OK. Let’s try this again.

Some of my strategies:

use your left hand/use both hands

use different kinds of materials

set a timer for 20 minutes and DO something

do 25 jumping jacks

listen to a motivational tape

listen to music that really moves you

Paint your heart out!

Mary Hill Studios afterschool class
Teen collective in action painting a community mural for the Jericho Farmers Market.

In the cold of the winter remember the joy of past painting projects. Painting in community can be a very connective experience.

I urge woman to invite others to their house for painting parties. Or meet at your local library or school  to create art together. Or, sign up for a retreat at my studio! See workshop page for details.

everyday art for joyful people