Using frustration to create good work

This summer has been  exciting, with so many new ideas and permission (from myself) to try new techniques.

I don’t know what it is about expansiveness…the feeling is not always there for me…it comes and goes. When I am feeling expansive and creative I think I will always feel this way…but it goes away and I have to keep trying to bring it back. The feeling comes both when I am  happy and also when I am feeling sad, frustrated and overwhelmed.

This textile piece is about 8″ x 12″ and was created this past weekend late in the afternoon after a challenging day of “home improvement”.

It’s always such a tricky balance between work and studio work for me. I have to remember to simply  get myself into the studio when I am feeling tense, or unsettled. If I can remember to channel my frustration and confusion into art materials:  get busy cutting up paper and fabric, dowsing for the right color thread, ripping handmade paper painting with clumped up paint

The flaws I feel  in myself flow out into my work: mmm hmmm, it’s okay if I don’t sew that line perfectly straight…YES! exaggerate it….criss cross, zig zag, back and forth…rip the paper, cut a jagged line, place a pile of cut threads on the whole thing and sew right over it.

My friend Kristin  sent me a quote  today:

“A good laugh & a long sleep are the two best cures for anything,”

Irish Proverb