In the Middle of It

The rock pictured above is from the beach on Lake Champlain where I grew up.  When our neighbor Barbara, a sculptor carved into the rock , my Mom was in her 30’s.  I was 7 years old when another neighbor painted my portrait the summer we moved to the lake. Most of our neighbors loved to swim and we would often bump into each other on the beach.

Mom taught modern dance and choreographed pieces that were shown on stage and in churches.  

Last August I wrote….”I know I’m in the middle of something big right now”.  My mother was dying, and we knew she would be gone soon. I realized how little I knew about death and the act of dying.  My mother was/is a big force in my life. The wind has been knocked out of me, in a way but in other ways my creativity has accelerated. 

  •  Be here now.
  •  Just do it.
  •  This is it. 
  • These sayings echo through me this winter, as I sew hats, design needlepoint,  work on the website, write, walk in the woods and consider how I can make a difference in this world.