Changing Patterns

I don’t think I’ll ever change my habit of getting up early in the morning, but you never know. This year I changed my habit of showing my wares at little craft shows around the state. I decided to make sure the stores I sell to had plenty of inventory and let them do the selling. Taking a break from the craft shows gave me some time to observe and assess the flow of business this time of year. I’m trying a new pattern this holiday season. I’ll participate in one small open house at the local B & B.

At some point I have to take care of the details in my life.

I take care of the obvious things, but when I am not frantic, or in survival mode, there are different layers of “taking care of details”.

  • Getting rid of old journals and files or using old writing to create new work.
  • Changing the habit of letting small things prevent me from getting the juicy, wonderful work of my life done. For example, allowing the cold weather and snow to keep me in my house instead of walking in the woods, or on country roads, where I often get some of my best ideas.
  • Living a life of completion: Create, clean up/put away. Repeat. This is challenge because I like to flow between projects. Everywhere I go in my house and studio I have to clean up after myself. Consequently, some days I just spend cleaning up and putting away the previous weeks worth of “flow”-mess.

I am struck by how much art work I have already done in my life. How can I use my time to continue that work  while incorporating it into my current work?

To be continued….