Breathing life into your creativity

The sun is starting to rise

I am slowly starting to understand the direction I am headed at this juncture in my career. Because other words for juncture like “crossroads”, “quandary” and  “predicament” seem too dramatic for where I am right now, I’ll stick with “juncture”.  Although starting to recognize my joy engaging in dialogue regarding creativity and motivation with people has come fairly recently, I am mesmerized when I reflect on how life affects our ability to see the world. For example, at this point in my journey I am bursting at the seams with an appetite to share my experiences. Like a well cooked “reduction” filled with complex flavors and intensity, 58 years thinking about, making and dreaming art has given me an advanced degree in ideas related to creativity. So, I invite you to ask for advice! That’s right, send questions through my contact page.

Here are some examples of questions you could send me through the website contact form

How can I begin an art practice?

What could I do with my old artwork that sits in storage?

How can I make a space for myself in my small house that feels like a studio?

I don’t have an art supply budget, what can I do?

My yard is my studio in the summer, how can I make it more creative?

What are some artsy strategies for getting through the Northern climate winters?

Will my failing eyesight be the end of my career?

Do you think I would benefit signing up for Pinterest?

I don’t want to paint, I can’t draw, am I still an artist?

My grand kids love to paint and draw, mold clay and create collages. How can I get them to clean up?

There is so much stuff in our basement, is there a way I can make art out of it?

I love being outside, I want to make art that will blend in with the woods.

How can I participate in my community more through art?