All Around Me

This Spring I allow time to walk in the woods behind our house.
In the past, I felt I had “too much to do” to take this kind of time.
I used to resent people who took time for themselves.
I was jealous, I guess, it seemed like
a kind of “decadence”.
Maybe when you have your kids living with you, time is filled up thinking about others,
and the time you would take for yourself is time you might give to others.
I am beginning to understand the value of having quiet, uninterrupted time.
In nature.
What if, the time we take for ourselves actually gives to others in an amazing, wonderful way….?

-deeper listening
-broader perspective
-remembering our lives are not all about the human experience
-calmer heartbeats
-noticing animals
-remembering sky

Remember our mothers would send us “outside to play” after lunch and dinner?
I am following my mother’s advice, it turns out she was right.