Banner painting

Create a visual reminder … 

A workshop for women who want to kick-start their lives into a more loving and joyful place.

We will brainstorm for the right word or image that  reminds us to live an intentional life, and create a canvas filled with color and images so the word itself is a celebration.

Gather a group (5 minimum) in your home, yoga studio, company or place of worship. I will bring materials and set up a wonderful creative experience for you to thrive in.

Or, book an experience in my Underhill, Vermont studio overlooking Mount Mansfield.

3-hour workshop ( 9-12) includes

(2) 5″ x 7″ banners and a 12 x 12” painted banner ready to hang. 

$75 each. materials included


Full day workshop ( 9-4:30)

Go home with a 4 small banners and a 24 x 26” painted banner ready to hang

$ 145. each, materials included


Contact  Mary  regarding scheduling

Mary Hill Studios

52 Kelley Rd.

Underhill, VT 05489

     Sixteen women gathered in the classroom at the local high school. They had never met each other, but were drawn to the idea of finding a word that spoke to the things that were missing in their lives.

Mary Hill led them in exercises to find just the right word that would inspire them every time they looked at it, and the words the women found were perfect:

Grace, Vigor, Peace, Fierce, Joy, Calm, Focus…

With canvas before them, the women used stencils, pencils, brushes and paints to create bright and iconic images around their words.       Layers of paint lifted the images into focus and the words, in their own painted handwriting, glowed over all the color.

In a few hours, these women found new friendships,  a new focus, and brought home a piece of art they could be proud of.